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La Vergne,   85310   Nesmy.

We are the European retail suppliers of top quality industrial rope seals for woodburners, pellet stoves, kilns, ovens, boilers, etc. in fact anywhere where a linear, high temperature resistant seal is required. We supply different density seals, glass seals, self-adhesive seals, high temperature resistant adhesive and all the know-how and guidance you might require to carry out simple but essential maintenance.

High Quality Products

All our products are made in Europe and subjected to Quality Assurance inspections at source.  These are the products supplied to some of the biggest manufacturers of heating and wood burning appliances in Europe. They are intended for people who value the efficiency and longevity of their appliances and who take safety seriously. It is easy to compromise with cheap imports from China and the Far East but that is not for us nor for the original manufacturers of the appliances.  

 Affordable Prices

We have connections with one of the biggest and best manufacturers in Europe which gives us a head start.  We also offer an online presence only, which reduces our costs in overheads and maximizes time spent helping customers. Remember e-mails can be answered outside office hours - difficult to do at a trade counter !  We do our best to avoid blister packs and pre-cut lengths and prefer to let you choose precisely what you want which we will cut and send it to you with the minimum of fuss.

 What you will find here

On this website we will explain to you why it is worth changing the seals. Show you how to establish the exact size and type of seals you require to replace the existing. We provide detailed guidance as to how to carry out the tasks safely and efficiently.  We offer you a wide selection of seals for the majority of requirements but if you can't find what you want, please contact us - you would be amazed at what we can supply.  Finally we give you the opportunity to contact us with queries or concerns and we endeavour to answer these as quickly as humanly possible.

We hope you enjoy our site.
La Vergne,
85310 Nesmy,
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Supplying High Temperature seals for more than 10 years

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